Mak is
a universal notepad

Instant & Intuitive
Organize Ideas
Gist Sync


Instant & Intuitive

Mak is designed to be instant and intuitive.


Mak is nothing but a piece of paper.

All you need is to create.


Of course!

Say hello to the Super GFM Power.


Click, start typing, close the tab.

Everything remains the same.

Blazing Fast

Start typing in 1 sec with 1 click, anytime and anywhere1.

No download or setup needed.

Works Offline

No worries, you can still use Mak even there’s no Internet connection2.

Why not just take a break?


Shortcuts? Open files? Print PDF?...

You know what to do. Just try it.

1~1 second loading time with Service Worker and caching strategy enabled, which are available in all modern browsers.
2Using Service Worker. Mak has to be opened at least once in the browser. Also some features like Gist Syncing require Internet access.

Organize Ideas

People are walking checklists.
Mak is trying to provide a more flexible way to help manage both your small ideas and big plans.

To-do List

To-do List

To-do list in Markdown syntax:

- [X] Pick up rental car
- [ ] Finish essay
- [ ] Dinner w/ Jon

You may have multiple work-in-progress drafts.
Unlike the PC file system, Mak organizes files flatly. No folders. It’s just a list of files.



A file is an URL with a hashtag (#).
You can easily access & edit files via URL:

URL=“Uniform Resource Locator”


Markdown links [title](url) are clickable.

You can jump between files. Links can also be combined with options.

There’re several preset files in Mak, which are read-only:
#list, #preferences, #profile and #sample. You can access via links or go: command.

Link materials together

Writing an essay, a novel or a diary?
Try spliting your ideas into files!

If you don’t want to leave your hands from the keyboard to “click” links, use Ctrl+Enter on them.
Or use the go: command to navigate between files:

Forget about sticky notes

Close the temporary Notepads in your taskbar.
And uninstall your to-do list Apps.


You can configure Mak in several ways.
The easiest choice is to open the #preferences file:


Night Mode

Switch between light/dark themes.


Side by side or a separated window.

Font Size

Line Number


Mak recognizes [](set:option) as links too, just click on them to apply.
Similar to the go: command, you can use the set: command to apply settings:

Both settings and content you’re editing will be synced automatically between tabs and stored in your browser.


Combine file (#filename)
and options (?option) in URL.

Note that options in URL are scoped to that file.
Use set to change global settings.

Gist Sync

Gist1 is a code snippet service provided by GitHub. It’s an easy way to share code snippets or documents with others.
“With gists, you can share single files, parts of files, and full applications with other people.”

In Mak you can use Gist to sync your files over the Internet2.


Push / pull, just like Git.

Everything under your control.


Gist saves the every single change you’ve made.


Share or view your document via Mak:

Basically you can handle Gists via the status bar:

Besides the status bar buttons, there’re also set: commands in Mak to manipulate Gists:
set: + login, logout, pull, push

Once your Gist has been loaded (?gist=id), Mak saves it as a file (#id).

If you “push” a non-gist file, Mak will suggest to create a Gist.
By default, all Gists created in Mak are private and you can always change it to public later.

If you try to push to a Gist that you don’t have the permission, Mak will suggest to fork the Gist.

Note that everyone can READ a Gist (via if he/she has the Gist ID (so you can pull any Gist even you’re not logged in).

1The website might be not accessible in some countries / regions. But in Mak Gist fetching and publishing features are still usable via its API.
2You need to login to GitHub to enable all these features.


Privacy and Security

Mak itself only stores your data inside the browser cache locally (localStorage).
Mak does NOT collect any log from your device or GitHub account.

If you’re using Gist Sync mode, Mak will choose private Gist by default and will never sync without your permission.
Gist is a product from GitHub. Gist downloading / uploading only happens between you and GitHub.

About the Cache

Normally the browser will not clean up your local cache. But if you accidentally do that, all your documents will be lost.
Please manually backup (set:export) or sync (Gist) your documents as frequently as possible.

So please be careful. There’s no way to recover if you have lost them.

Is It Free?

Free. This project was started from an HCI idea, and there’re no further plans by now.
It’s also a free software and will be open sourced under the MIT license soon.


Thanks a lot, you’re so nice. How about giving me a star or a tweet?

Why Gist?

Gist is already a perfect product. Actually it’s one of the best tools I’ve ever used.

Gist encourages people to create and share documents and code snippets.
It’s easy to read, write, embed in your website, share or comment.

Most Importantly, it’s super light-weighted and has the very same design philosophy with Mak.
In some word, Mak is just an interface based on Gist.

Any Alternatives?

There’re many awesome products. Notion, Typora, Left,, Caret and Tempad are both good tools I love.
Give a try and find the one you need.

A Mobile App?

Sorry but actually I don’t have much time to build the mobile version.
For iOS users I would recommend you the default Notes App by Apple (or Bear for Markdown).

Who Are You?

I’m a Web developer and designer. You can follow me on GitHub and Twitter.
If you have any suggestions for Mak, feel free to open an issue.

Enjoy your writing

And create something wonderful :)

Text powers the editor.

Mak is an Inns project.Copyright © 2019, All rights reserved.